Our Headmistress' birthday was 3 days ago, so she has been travelling the globe looking fabulous 
and celebrating! Which makes me think how I want to have her life for like 4 weeks! Happy 
Birthday darling. 
Now, having said that, are you seeing that kaftan and how it is work of art in its own right? She is getting this from Dubai Kaftans. Ebu go there and admire and order some.

Then you know I have been looking for our kenyan female celebs left and right and frankly I do 
not know where to find them. Where are they? and who are they? Anyway I spotted a celeb, 
Jacky (Wilbroda from Papa Shirandula for those who do not know) a good friend of mine by the way, spotting something similar to Sai's

I love the african turn Jacky's has taken. So now I am going to just stay here and not go to Dubai! I have yards of chiffon in my house that are probably being eaten by moths. I feel inspired all over again. And no, I do not know who the other lady is.

Anyway if you know where those celebs are let a woman know.


I am friends with Nick on Facebook. I have never met him, or maybe I have who knows. I think 
Nick is the only kenyan designer I know who does men's wear, and he is very good. So if you are looking for something for the husband, call him. I always advise against being too extravagant 
with the boyfriend. I mean you can buy colognes, aftershaves and ties, but really no need to invest 
too much there if it is not on paper that he is yours permanently. (You can tell why I am still single 
by that alone)

Look at the way he is smart. I am digging that look kabisa kabisa!!! It does help if your designer has his shit together, it inspires confidence.
Anyway no need to get carried away. Nick has been dressing Sauti Sol forever and you do remember the first shot on that video you where gooing over?

Eeeee, that one. If you could get your eyes off the abs for 5 seconds, (thank you). But good Lord!! that is pure sex right there standing on two feet!! Anyway, I am talking about the pants, that is Nick's work.
I have picked up some of my favourites pieces from his facebook page. Enjoy, get inspired and call the man. And stop copying copying stuff.

I think this guy is famous, or maybe not, but he looks like he is famous. It is good to note that, 
Nick has single handedly revolutionised the kenyan man into wearing the bold african prints, and 
to love color. And by that I do not mean the kenyan man was never wearing african, its just that 
Nick has taken this print to Italy. If you do not believe me just go to Blankets and Wines. 

I thought its best to start with the mens' stuff because well, that is rare in my books, I am sure KikoRomeo does menswear, I know this just because she did some outfits for the Kenyan Rugby Team a while back and I you know KiKoRomeo is not main stream, she is up market and stuff.

Nick can make a woman look good too, he knows women. He has dressed celebrities, but I was also at his page and me I did not recognise those women. I really need to update myself on this front. So do not forget that you should be helping me help myself. Maybe I should look up Sarah Hasan. She dresses very well.

I really do love what Nick has done with these dresses. This is the kind of look I like for the bridesmaids, every cut is done to suit the maid's individual taste. It has that look of togetherness but still unique! plus, and this is very important, these pieces can be worn again.

This was from the last FAFA show I think. We might never know what inspired the folks over at FAFA to place a metallic mutant duck smack in the middle of the runway. But for now we shall assume it is some high artistry.
Anyway, please swing by Nick's Facebook Page for more. And when you get there, remind him that I sent you, so that when I go to get my order, I get a massive discount.

Did I mention somewhere that I love shirts? Well this direction Nick is going made me think of what I should be doing to pimp up my shirts. I have an idea, that I am sure has been thought of by other people worldwide by 2 million people. I am thinking of having shirts done like this.

But with any kind of african print, even leso.
I am going to sleep; I will think about the rest tomorrow.
You have a good one!

Good friday boys and girls. Lets just get to that picture up there. Now you know the way 
I get excited excited every time our TOI here gets a nod from important persons? 
YES! Bata gave us a nod, how cool is that, its not that it was a certificate or a medal, 
but a small comment on that Converse post I had done previously. 
If you do not remember read something HERE.
So I was not lying about getting my Northstar. Just wanted to get that off my chest. 
Okay I wanted to thump my chest.

There is a universal code somewhere out there, that a chucks shot must be 
accompanied by beer. I follow rules.

So I was browsing the net the other day when I came across something that is worth 
mentioning. Women take clothes seriously. Really if we did not, do you think I would 
be here. Kate Moss is back at TOPSHOP, I really do love this Kate and her cheap high 
end stuff. Affordable and great.

Yaani this is how the humans came out to meet Ms. Moss' new collection. I know I love
clothes but surely, this is a bit too much.
But that aside, Ms. Moss showed up and showed out!!

I await for next season so I can look like that. It is only time then all these will be at Gikosh 
and Toi. Patience pays. I read that somewhere and I am very sure the person who came 
up with this phrase is a poor person.

I have picked out some pieces from the collection I liked for your consideration enjoyment. 
Be inspired and if you have relas huko London, ask them to send you something. 
Otherwise be inspired.

You know how I love leather and leather like small jackets? well here is my favourite!!!

And what would the world be without sequins? Somebody should volunteer to reward 
me for the thankless payless job and I am doing over at TOI and just buy me this 
jacket and the sequinned top.

Last but not least for the bohemian chic. There you go! I want to strongly suggest this 
look to the corporate girl, you know on weekends and girls night out? there is a look 
your people are expecting sindio, there is a way people expect you to look as a corporate 
woman, go full throttle   ethnic. Then walk into the room and be very stern like main 
British and say "The Queen has a arrived" You will thank me for the look on their faces.


Ya'll know big panties are good. They are comfortable and...... well comfortable. But I have 
noticed the girls want to have their cake and eat it  (I have never understood that phrase) 
I am sure it is not appropriate here but just roll with it. I was saying you cannot wear big panty and want to wear a tight dress or trouser.

Do you see the problem? I thought so. Seriously what could possible be nice about this? 
I think women should have double mirrors in the house, so you can see your front and back 
before you leave the house. Or real friends, every woman should have real girlfriends who tell 
you about your backside. 

Okay those ones are just wearing very very small panties. Did you know undies also have sizes? why the hell would you want to buy a child's panties? and the other one is thinking white panties are okay with a white see through dress.

Anyway there is no problem regarding clothing that cannot be fixed. If you cannot do thongs or 
go full commando, think SPANXS.

Ladies and gentlemen this is a spanxs
It might not be the sexiest underwear on the planet, but that I cant deal with right now. 
The good thing about this clothing is that it also puts everything in place. Being together is key, you cannot be all over the place. Things just hanging left and right.

Have you ever wondered (and really you should only have wondered if you are very young) 
why those hollywood celebrities you like to stalk always look flawless on the red carpet in tight dresses and you are just think oh my God! they are so flawless and smooth on the backside like their asses are ironed every morning before they leave the house?, mh!

SPANX! Look closer...... Take all the time you need.

Not close enough?
Alafu ku kaa vizuri and getting out of  a car like a lady ndio utajifunza. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes so, just get your favourite. And do not forget that size is important. I do not know why women always buy a size smaller, like you are a size 14 and you are buying a 12, you do realise it is not going to make you smaller, its like in our heads we think when you undress the body will see the new small size piece and shrink to fit.

And then walk like a lady, tu small small steps, one foot infront of the other. I am positive 
you will thank me later.

Just so you do not feel bad, I am also on my way to get several as my ass is beginning 
to jiggle when I walk. Nothing to be ashamed of, happens to the best of us lazy people 
who do not take working out seriously.


I have been reading but, not sharing. This is bad, very bad. I had started this segment 
but the devil came between us.
If you are a book lover then you have heard of this stunning woman. If you have not heard 
of her you might want to reconsider the space on earth you are you are occupying because 
it is going to waste.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

And isn't she loooovelyy?? (insert Stevie Wonder's Song here)
What you want to know is that Ngozi's books are published by Kwani Trust.
Kwani Trust is a Kenyan based literary network dedicated to developing quality creative 
writing and committed to the growth of the creative industry through the publishing and distribution of contemporary African writing, offering training opportunities, producing literary events and establishing and maintaining global literary networks. Our vision is to create a 
society that uses its stories to see itself more coherently.

Ebu stand up so we can all clap for ourselves. Enyewe this our country is going places. 
Anyway Chimamanda is very very smart. 
And since I am a person who can never be left behind in that bandwagon.
I started off with  Half of a Yellow Sun.
Unaona hapo juu wameandika "Heartbreaking, funny, exquisitely written and without a doubt, 
a literary master piece and a classic"? All true oo. This is a very good book. But Pantu 
Nollywood iliaribu kila kitu in my brain, I finished that book and murmured a curse of acute diarrhoea to the person who brought Nollywood to Kenya and his offsprings to the end of 
life------I stole that curse from this book. 

I hear Half of a Yellow Sun is going Hollywood and we thank God because Nollywood would 
have killed us with Half of A Yellow Sun part 7, Half of Yellow Beyonce, Half of a Yellow Yellow
part 3. etc etc until I don't know when.
And because I was very impressed I am onto AMERIKANAH!!!

Eh this one is a favourite, I am feeling it because I was once in ze diaspora. If you are in the diaspora toka kwa nyumba saa hii huu go get this book. BRILLIANT!!! 

There is another storo I am going to piga for you in my next post, it is of that man I almost 
killed. If I had killed him, I would have gone back and killled him again. But I need further consultation with the girls.

It is FRIIDAAYYYY! and it has just rained!!! Watu wakamatane!!!! And do not forget to celebrate us, we are at 12,801 likes on FACEBOOOOOK!!!

Do you know the way the women have been fanning themselves furiously while watching this video? Including yours truly? They have just done a small video thanking the fans on facebook, alafu I go to the comment section another mama there has gone on and on and one about how she liked Sauti Sol and now they are being cheap they are talented and they do not need to do this bla bla bla - Shenzi type. Bure kabisa, she has annoyed me with her useless preaching.

Anyway I really do not feel the Friday hype, you know being unemployed and stuff. But do have a good one, a gud one, a gudu wan!