Me and Barbie have never been friends, I have always wondered why that is all we have to offer our kids, the barbie. I remember when I was growing up, our neighbours kid had a rag doll, I loved that doll, I stole it once and hid it under my dress and went to church. We had to go through their home to get to church and it was just lying there e laro (ask your luo friend to translate that) there are somethings that are untranslatable.

We always sat on the front row. My mom (mama kanisa/ Madam) always sat up there, at one point she came and pulled me by the ears out of church, me am there shangaiing now what is it again!!!! kumbe doll was peeping out of dress. Whooping the end; But I loved loved those dolls. So you can imagine to my absolute delight when I met Lilian Achieng'. Her dolls took me back. I am going to get several for all those baby girls who were born last year and I am yet to visit. Meg and Pat do not stare at me am still coming. 
I love them! and I want to encourage all mamas to get their girls these dolls. I was going to summarize  what Lilian wrote me, but let me just put it up here in her own words. And you know I am not a journo, so best I just let her speak for herself.

Ladies and Gents the beautiful Lilian Achieng' in her own words

Am a visual artist. Art has been my passion since childhood. I paint on canvas and I also make dolls. It’s a good creative outlet for me. I started making dolls in childhood. Back then “in the old age” most parents didn’t really buy their kids loads of toys like the kids of today, it was a simple background. The kids of the neighbourhood made their own toys and played together, which was a good thing coz it made us very creative at a tender age and we had fun playing together with all the neighbourhood kids. 
Those were the days when KBC – the only TV station, started /opened at 5:00 pm, so kids didn’t spend the whole day infront of the TV. In a nutshell art/creativity for me began in childhood. I was inspired/challenged to start making these African dolls coz I noticed that in the supernarkets/toy shops, they mostly stock white dolls.  
African dolls, even the “African barbies” are very rare to find, and if you find them, they are very very few. Now this is strange that in a country whose population is more than 80% black African, the shops don’t stock African dolls. Psychology studies have been done is America on the impact of white dolls on black children and they concluded that it damages their self esteem and perception of beauty. One of my African American friends was telling me about this. 
Now I don’t think this problem only applies to African Americans, I feel it also affects us black Kenyans. One of my customers told me how growing up she used to play with the white Barbie dolls and those white Barbies with their long strait blond hair, made her feel sooo bad about her own African kinky hair. Parents should seriously think twice about the impact those white Barbie dolls have on their children. 
Children’s self esteem and perception of beauty starts being formed at that tender young age through the kind of toys they play with. All these inspired me to make African dolls. Another strange thing I have encountered is that most of the people buying my African dolls are the Wazungus! It leaves me wondering what’s up with our people! Have we become so westernized that we no longer care about what looks African. It’s not because they lack money, coz even in the average neighbourhood where I live, I have seen little girls playing with big white Barbie dolls- the ones that cost 2k and above. 
I agree with everything 150%!! I thank you Lilian for sharing your work with us.

The other reason I love them dolls, they are soft and huggable, so the babies can go to bed with them, you can't make your child sleep with that plastic barbie. And best of all they pick up your baby's scent so when they are away you can hug the doll and cry and cry.

Lilian can be reached on Facebook at Hand Made African Dolls. Click away and tell a friend.
And here is a sneak peek of some of her artwork.

Salute kenyan talent sista! oh and the brothers who read this blog too. I have not forgotten you. Next week we will go full blast men's fashion!


I am aware that this is a fashion blog and I should not talk talk about things not related to fashion. But priss! Rules are there to be broken; Miss Tina got married!!!! Aki I love this woman. I have been to her concert, the world tour when she turned 60. She rocked mighty!! 
Anyway My Tina got married to her long long time Boyfriend Erwin Bach in this magnificent Armani  Privè. She had all her female guests wear white. Now that is a way to stand OUT like a queen. Curtsy please to the Queen.

And please if you are thinking ati ohh she is 73 and just got married I still have time?, my friend they have been together for 27years! so best you start looking for that man like yesterday! I have made a mental note to self to say out loud that thing I have just written there to myself when am taking a shower kesho.

Haya kula ngoma! I has been long since I posted a music video so here is one of the songs to the soundtrack of my life.

Some boys think they are God's gift to women, some boys think they are sweet enough to eat, some boys have lips you cant help kissing MWAH! MWAH! (woi woi I love this song and the lyrics) back when music was music

Why I love my City, This CITY of blinding Lights and blinding Thieves

So since today is not a day of a lot of fashion outfit-wise let me tell you a funny storo. I am sure some of you have already read that story of what happened in tao today. Anyway I had got off at Bus Station heading towards small bros office which is huko nyuma on River Road. I piga a corner on Tom Mboya street Junction, I see this massive crowd ahead of me. There are people on the roof tops of the building opposite me, its a hotel. Some are hanging on some electric cable trying to get to the balcony of that building; and everywhere smart phones are in the air. You would think it is a Black Eyed Peas concert. See now that is not a good scene. Every Nairobian knows this is the time to duck!

Usually the best thing I should have done is make a quick U-Turn, head back to Bus Station and use another route, oh nooooo am a Kenyan and kenyaness ilingia box ile mbaya mbovu, I stop to ask another chick filming the thing with her phone "kwani whats happening?" Dont ask me why kenyans ask questions in that format. "whats happening" is enough, but a question is not a question in Kenya without KWANI. I am in the mix! Inching closer to the scene, I want to know more, like am a paid journo. 2 minutes later a few meters away from me tear gas explodes!!. I jump into the next those tu small shops, the guy wants to chase us, they close the door, but the next door can't close, so tear gas is streaming in like there is no kesho! and of course the thieves are grabbing one shoe. MAYOOOOOO Mayoo!!! You guy! I have never cried involuntarily like that for 10 people! I cried the crying of those fake mourners at funerals of my luo people, of makamasi and tears! Usicheze na tear gas! I fika the office and there is a cop friend of my bro there, I tell them the story and they crack up those one of dying on the floor! kumbe the cop had already told them the story.

How do I love this country, the only place where being a sufferer is fun! That would never happen in direction ya village market! Masuffer wa mungu, big up yourself!


I had to leave you with something kidogo nice on the outfits front yawa. You know Charlie, my inhouse model. I love this girl. Here she is looking radiant and all afro chic! I am going to do that hair hivi karibuni when my hair grows. Be inspired. Have a laid back weekend.

Keso mimi na kwenda Pwani!!!!!!!!!!!! That is why I have not done a spell check, Sharon where are you suali!! so you can do this job?!!!

You know I have been talking talking here about dresses and girly all the time and am really a casual
smart person, is in the DNA. Anyway jana as I was going through my newsfeed I saw my man Gitahi 
had posted that picture of Rihana. He was actually talking to somebody else so I went and jipoxed in
that conversation, though my opinion was not required. But its facebook, if it was real life it would be
like you are walking in your hood, you see a door open, people are in there talking, you, you just walk 
in and ingilia the convo, like you had been in that house and dashed out for a beer.

I have not deleted the names as I am required to, now do not ati go to facebook and start sending
friends' requests all over the place, find your own friends.

Jon is a smart human, and I agree completely on the fashion is only opinions. This blog contains my opinions on fashion; (just a small reminder to that person who said I was not professional eehh sija

That aside, I have decided to put the dresses and skirts on hold. I am going to start posting my casual 
looks. Full throttle ahead!! (I really do tend to abuse phrases) Anyway, the moment I get a smart phone 
and the chip to my camera thats it! am turning into a real fashion blogger. 
Mtaona sura yangu hapa everyday, front - left - back,  feet, neck, just me me, you are going to miss these damaris free days.

I have picked my favourite looks. Be inspired.

Converse Classic Look: 

When it comes to chucks, I am all jeans and pants and leather and some more jeans. The classic look, 
how it was intended. Sometimes I can be so rigid. This is exactly how I wear my chucks, but not white, 
I have red ones, which I lost one side at a shoot and the tired black ones.

I bought some a while back in Kisumu, I was with small bro, and I was telling him there is no way these things are real, first they were brand new but we were buying from ana guy selling mtumba.
Bro insisted. So I bought. My friend! 2 weeks later the shoe and complete sole parted ways. As in I made
a step and the sole bakid nyuma. Aki these chinese.

I was at Bata the other day, shopping for the show am working on/at. I saw these black Tomys and fell in love. By the way you know North Star?. It is the kenyan reply to All Stars. Aki we are so clever.

You will not find them in the women's section as they are for Men. I tried them on and I completely love them. While at Bata check out the cow shoes in the ladies section. They are not called Cow shoes,- I just baptised them, but you will see what I am talking about. I really liked them, but they are a bit uncomfy, hard on the inside, I am still thinking of ways to go about that. Bata has some great casual shoes this 
season and they have a free delivery option!!! Go visit BATA KENYA.
And look properly, it helps to OPEN your mind, you know most people have a very bad attitude towards Bata. Shame on you. By the way this is a new arrival so hurry, better get this than fake chinese converse.

Converse and Shorts: 

For some strange reasons the women on the net blogging and wearing all stars love them in white,
I do not know why. Am okay with shorts and chucks, I especially love the first look, of girl in a hat.
She is me. But still I would not have gone with the high tops.

Chucks and A Dress: 

Aki am not feeling this look kabisa kabisa. BLEH!! But this week am going to be professional and
give all looks, if your friends give you a funny look, do not point at me.

Chucks and a Maxi: 

Am struggling with this look, it is here because of my acceptance mode today. trust me, am trying. 
The woman in the middle, I love the jacket and dress. Dress is H&M and jacket is ZARA!! aki I love 
that jacket to death. If you meet me wearing chucks and a dress know that my open shoes lost their 
sole or the sandles katikad somewhere on the way.

Chucks and the Office: 

Since I am in creative this look works for me all the time. I pull it off to meetings, and am self
employed too, that helps.  Do not try this if you work for a Bank, unless you want the day off permanently.

Chucks and a WEDDING:

Cute, especially for those of us who were not blessed with walking in heels skills, and excellento 
for garden weddings.
Everybody is comfy, everybody is happy, way better than walking like a drunk grasshopper on your wedding day because you had to go wear towering hooker heels.

You can let your men wear them too. If you are a rock star this is what you want to go for. When done 
well and the wearers look the part, everything goes.

So be you the dress and comfort kinda girl or classic jeans and chucks girl, go for it. As long as you are wearing the outfit and its not wearing you. Be a rock star!
And remember what Jon said "That's the beauty of fashion, it's an opinion never a fact!"

Talking of Rock stars I bought some bling, that I believe has put me up there with akina Florence 
and The Machine.

Aaand thats a wrap on fashion now lets move on to other fashionable things that are not wearable. 
But edible.


So, there is this place at the Junction Mall that I totally love. WWW SHOP and BAR.
Their wine is excellent, they have wine library really, the collection is impressive; the Whiskys- superb
and the food ga ga gai!! Sinful! Did I mention their champagne list?

The service is very good, and when I say very good, it is the good of not kenyan kind of good.
I am so used to bad service that the first time I went there I thought Arnold was confusing me with somebody else (Arnold left but not with the service) they are very nice to black folks, not like some of their neighbours!!
I want to highly recommend it, I was there with the girls for my last birthday, and they let us stay till late.
They usually close at 11pm. When I can I go, it is not often, but if the wallet allows I will go twice a week.

I know the prices are not exactly Toi, but treat yourself yawa, si ati everyday local local loco loco, once in a while dress up and go out. The nice clothes I keep talking about here need to be taken for a walk. And for the quality of what they offer it is quite within the price range.

Thursdays they have a live Jazz Evening, the last time I was there with Angelina, the band that played brought tears to the eyes, aki this City of ours has telent, ile mbaya mbovu!

Yeah I have bad habits too, do not remind me, I know. Look at that Mojito!!! Sheesh! And my friend that wine. The other reason I go there is real wine glasses!! Most restaurants in Nairobi dont know about that shit; They give you wine in this tiny depressing glass.

I call WWW The Wine/Whisky bar, its not easy telling someone on the phone "WE ARE AT WWW! Anyway they have all these kinds of interactive stuff going too, not ati just eating and drinking ndeeeee!! Wine tasting, Whisky Tasting, Cheese Tasting, na ukienda uko, aki usini embarrass, kama ni tasting, onja!

Christine swears by this steak, and I tell you she has sampled steaks in this city. So that should tell you something.

No need for me to add anything go find out.

You can find them HERE on Facebook.

Have a good one Folks!
My word!! ZARA is coming to town. When I heard the news I was too excited. Now back when I was in the diaspora, Zara was my best friend that is a shop, for one their pants and jeans are long. A good long. Usually its like this over there, the smaller the size gets, the shorter the pants or jeans get and the longer they get the wider in the waist they get. So loved loved Zara for giving me some of the best days of my life!

And as you know ZARA is MANGO's sister.

Deacons is bringing ZARA home. And they have decided to do something special on the launch. They have picked 6 stylists who are to come up with different looks for the the fashion show at the Launch.

The Fashion Show will be held at the The Thika Mall on the 28th of July. It will feature 21 Models. The stylists are: Wambui Kibue of Sunday Nation, Wambui Thimba of Standard, Annabel Onyango of Mnet, Connie Aluoch of Nairobian/True Love/KTN Anchors, Anyiko Owoko of KBC/UP Magazine and  Sunny Dolat,.

The winners will take home 100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 bob respectively. Now why nobody calls me for these kinds of shit?!! Anyway my time will come!

The entrance is FREEE!!! (A free good event and I am not there) can you all go and represent your girl Dama!! I am thinking on calling on my main shopping partner Miss. Liz Osodo to officially represent me as I will not be around.

I am styling the judges for the Orange Beat Ya Street. I will be in Mombasa for the next episode's shoot. Wednesday was a great start, the first show is being aired this Saturday, yaani kesho on NTV at 8pm. Eehh go watch, so that you can grill me on my styling skills:-) Follow the coverage here. My work will feature soon! Orange Beat Ya Street. Oi and those kids can dance!! 

That aside, as I was so excited about this ZARA thing I went on facebook and chomoad some of my diaspora looks. Facebook is good at keeping things.

This Jacket was stolen, I still have the Jeans, though one day I woke up and put it in JIK. Its not cotton so haikushika that bleach the way I wanted, now it has just pararad. My intelligence fails me at times. The shirt is C&A, I dont forget my clothes.

Do not concentrate on the sweet nectar around me. There was this time ZARA hat these long shirt, love them with tights, I bought 4 in different colours. I do not know where they went, but what I do know is that when under the influence i get very philanthropic. 

The Jeans is ZARA, I still have it (I have all my pairs of jeans, the 37 of them) and I have not bought any in 5 years, they still fit. (You can hate me now:-) That's me and Pops, and my older sis who was so pissed at something something, we are at Frankfurt Airport seeing them off. The clutch is MANGO cost me 32EUROS!!! Now I cant imagine buying a clutch for 3200 Kenyan MONEY!!!, how times change. The top is Tally Wear, that's a shop in Germany that can be classified under the 1EURO shops.

This Bikini is ZARA, I do not know where I got the beads, but I still have them. Tthe bikini on the other hand was stolen at some cottages in Diani. Who the hell steals a bikini on the lines hanged to dry?!!!

This is me and Eli my main squeeze, not Eli my brother, Eli the French/New Yorker. The harem pants and singlet? ZARA! I have seen 2 ladies in town with this top.

There, I have done the official fashion blogging shit, pasted my face allover the place. Now lets get to the other serious matters. You know the way I have preached about makeup? And you also know how I have mentioned my girl Wacuka Thimba the makeup artist on this blog like a zillion times? and the way I have asked one Julliet Opondo to give us a makeup video tutorial? Well Jules has not come through, but she did tell me about this.

Wacuka is holding a MakeUp Seminar. This is money you want to INVEST! You are doing YOU and yourself a great service. We need all the help we can get! Ladies please register, you, I am sure will leave that venue with a wealth of information. Treat yourself to knowledge! I will be there watching and learning a new.


This space is serious. So I was on the DIY HOME, facebook page again and I came across this, my friend this is something you want to try!!! 

Haya Basi!!! Tengeneza Lamp!! And do not complain ever again how good shades and lamps are expensive. I believe the pictorial tutorial is self explanatory. Should any of you make this, please send me a picture, we need to floss our achievements, however tiny!

In other very relevant news, I have joined a cook eat group on facebook. In this group they share recipies and food stories. I love it already. The group is  COOK EAT. You know the way me and food are best friends. I have uploaded my first picture that I am absolutely proud of, though compared to what these people are creating in their kitchens, I am an absolute beginner, but a woman has to start somewhere.

I am going to give the comprehensive and complicated recipe to this my fabulous breakfast I made in the near future. My Girl Pat Mbela had this recipe on her facebook page and we all (we is me and her other many friends) followed suit. Shiko where you at?

I made this! Am a ninja people!!! please do not judge me on the basis of what the group members are doing.

Isorait! I will be blogging from Pwani si Kenya County in the next days! But how do I need an assistant? Who is going to do all these spell check maneno?
Ms. Chantal Biya
Earlier on I had said that I was going to write or lets say feature our First Lady. Well it is impossible to talk about first ladies without thinking of her Royal Shinyness, the one and only majestic Ms. Chantal Biya; A big shame on me for not featuring this magnificent beauty in like a year!! Preposterous! 

As I had mentioned earlier HERE, Ms. Biya's glamour is seconded to none in this entire continent.

In the process of researching our First Lady, I realised I really do not know much about Africa's First ladies, I mean I know some but they are many. So this one is going to be a lesson on First Ladies Of Africa. We can then pick some and follow them see what they are on about.

I think it is best to start with the really big wigs. The powerhouses, not the oh am the wife of a president let me go buy some shoes. Not that I know the order but let me bring you up to speed.


Maria da Luz Guebuza

The first Lady of Mozambique and wife to PresidentArmando Emílio Guebuza. 
Mrs. Guebuza serves as Vice-Chair Lady of the African Synergy Against AIDS and Suffering, a non-governmental organization comprising First Ladies from Africa, individuals, scientists or corporate bodies of goodwill.
In recognition of her efforts, the First Lady of the Republic of Mozambique has received the Prix de La Fondation Crans Montana 2009, in Belgium; the 2009 Global Health Award, in USA, and in 2010 was awarded a Honoris Causa Doctorate in Humanities, by the American United Graduate College and Seminary.
That one is definitely a smart one.


Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame

The First Lady of Rwanda and wife to President Paul Kagame. I believe every kenyan knows her. Look at the way they are smiling and laughing with each other. This first lady thing, sits very well on some women, look at that, she is walking tall, back straight and regal like a Queen.

In 2010, Mrs. Kagame received an Honorary Doctorate, Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa from Oklahoma Christian University for her significant contribution to the worldwide fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty. In the same year, she was appointed Special Representative on Child Nutrition by the World Food Program (WFP).

Yep! Thats RIGHT! She did!


Princess Lalla Salma

Her Royal Highness is the wife to King Mohammed VI of Morocco. She is low key (from my extensive research, but like most first ladies, she does charitable work and represents the King in important matters that do not require his presence.
I have put her on my style watch list. And I can also tell you that I had never heard of her.


Salma Kikwete

Mama Salma is the First Lady of Tanzania, wife to President Jakaya Kikwete. She worked as a teacher for more than 20 years, enough said.


Janet Kataaha Museveni

The first Lady of Uganda!!!! She is the powerhouse behind Yoweri Museveni. Frankly I think she is the one ruling Uganda. She has been a minister and is an elected member of Parliament. If You have anything to say against Mrs. Museveni, I suggest you take it up with the president of Uganda.

Janet's Daughter Natasha Karugire, is a Fashion designer, I think this explains why this First Lady is always decked out in fine threads. Very Motherly and strong like a true Matriarch!


Grace Marufu Mugabe

I take that buying shoes nonsense back. Grace is the Wife of The one and only President of Zimbabwe, and when I say one and only I mean it literally. Who will ALL KNOW.
Look at the way she is giving us the "bitch please" look in that picture.

Grace is the first shopper!! and of the whole continent at that, Grace or as we dearly call her, Gucci Grace does something bordering the heights of £75,000 per shopping trip!!! She has property everywhere, from China to Zimbabwe! And please do not give me that oh Zimbabwe is so poor storo. By 2004 she had withdraw over £5M from the central Bank of Zimbabwe, now is that a poor country? And if Zimbabwe is poor then Gucci Grace has single handedly managed to bankrupt that country.


Dr. Christine Mwelwa Kaseba-Sata

The first Lady of Zambia and wife to President Michael Sata. This one has heads on her shoulders.

Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata was appointed WHO’s Goodwill Ambassador against Gender-based Violence from October 2012 to October 2014.

She is one of the most recognized Zambian specialists in obstetrics and gynaecology. She has practiced as a physician at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka for more than 25 years, and lectured for the past 15 years at the University of Zambia School of Medicine – the country’s only medical school. Dr Kaseba-Sata is also the current chairperson of the Forum of African First Ladies against cervical and breast cancer.
Dr Kaseba-Sata has broad experience in the area of sexual and reproductive health, from sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, to family planning, comprehensive abortion care, malaria in pregnancy, emergency obstetrics and newborn care.
She is a committed advocate to improving maternal and newborn health and addressing issues around gender-based violence.

All I can say is Praise JESUS! All mothers hail the Queen. That by the way is professional writing right there! I may need to go to a school so I can start writing like Main British.


Olive Lembe di Sita

First Lady of Democratic Republic of the Congo and wife to president Joseph Kabila Kabange. Banange! the picture go speak for itself. I only used Banange because it rhymes with Kabange. If you want more information on this First Lady just ask googo!


Ana Paula dos Santos

Wife to President José Eduardo dos Santos and First Lady of Angola. Aki dont mess with this one. She is a former model and was an air hostess of the Angolan Presidential Airplane.

Wiki tells me that: A diplomat described the President and First Lady as: "a handsome couple, elegantly and expensively dressed, looking for all the world as though they're living in southern California. In 1997 Ana Paula undiplomatically announced that her five-year-old son would enroll at the Portuguese school in Luanda because of the "bad quality" of state education (for which many hold her husband responsible).
She has also tried to make her presence felt in administrative matters; a move which has irritated the political mainstream. Also under fire are her business interests, particularly Diamonds.

Sio mcheso huyu!


Queen 'Masenate Mohato Seeiso

Masenate Mohato Seeiso, Queen Consort Letsie III of Lesotho. And what a beautiful Queen. Curtsy everybody. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the National University of Lesotho, and no that is not her husband.
She is a stylish one, this Queen.


South Africa

I am a littu bit confused about the first ladies of South Africa and how to adress them, So I hope I have got them in the correct order. Zuma has 6 wives and a fiance, one of the wives he divorced. Frankly I do not know how they are to be adressed, I will just go with First first lady, Second First Lady, Third First lady etc etc or should it be the other way round? And then the fiance we shall address her as Future seventh first lady.

Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo

First very First Lady, the original First Lady

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

She is nolonger a wife they divorced in 1998 but she could have been and every wife deserves recognition! They have 4 children

The Third First Lady Kate Mantsho, sadly committed suicide in 2000. They had 4 kids. - It cant be easy living with this man.


Nompumelelo Ntuli

Nompulelo is the Fourth First Lady, she was married in 2008. She has 3 children.


Thobeka Stacey Mabhija

Surely they look the same, I hope I have the right woman here, but you can correct me. No need to shout unprofessionalism, am not a journalist. 5th First Lady was married in 2010.

And Last But Not Least


Gloria Bongekile Ngema

At least he is consistent! they are all one shape and color

Sebentile Dlamini of Swaziland

This and I hope this is the right princess! is the future 7th First lady. Zuma has already paid 10 Cattle as Labola to that effect. He paid that back in 2003, now I do not know if she was a baby at the time, but she does not look old to me and she has also to the best of my knowledge no been married yet. But she is very much in the mix.

Am going to assume this is her.



I was reading something online Standard Newspaper. Then I came across the pulse fashion police link. Si am telling you this country still needs special prayers.

Ok the 2 middle ones lets just say they made some very bad choices. but suali!!!!! the other 2???!! HOW CAN YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE LIKE THAT AT DAY TIME!! Its just not sane. this is not right. And this is also a sign that some women do not have friends. Really would you let your friend walk out like that in broad day light? If you can you are an enemy of the state!.

The First ladies are not over yet! Si you know the number of countries in Africa?
On that note, you may want to  know that Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, the president of Botswana is a Bachelor. 

So si you jua the way jana I was talking about how we are going to become a first class, sophisticated high end magazine etc etc. That thing completely went to my head. Mpaka I started thinking the way I will become Oprah and have only my face smile upon you common folks on all Toi Magazine Covers? 

My head can think up things. I already have the Toi Market Show in my head and how I will laugh and have celebrities jump up and down on my expensive couch in my expensive studio. I completely forgot about my blog and started working on a Toi Market magazine Cover!!!!

I am serious, this is going to be me, I will be smiling smiling on all covers like I own Standard Media Group. Yaani mpaka I have already wekad a barcode, I think I need to start recruiting writers, contributors and photographers and a Dr. Phil

So now I spent the better half of the time I should have spent researching and writing on the blog staring at Oprah's Covers. Oprah will have 3 of herself on one cover! We should all learn to love ourselves the way that woman does. But I found that she occasionally shares a cover with a few significant important people. Yes I do a lot of research, I hope you can tell.

I have already tweeted our First lady on this matter so don't you worry. As in the matter of me and her on the cover of my magazine.

The good news is this cover inspired me. You already know that I am a big fan of the first lady of the land of big dreams. That cover staring thing has not been a complete waste of time.

Michelle loves skirts and sheaths and dresses paired with cardigans and sweaters! Something I absolutely love!!

Have you noticed that she rewinded the cardigan and belt? I feel so much better now wearing the same sweater 5 times in a row. Or maybe she has several and here I am talking nonsense.

The weather is not at summer yet, but it is getting way too warm for heavy clothing. So That got me thinking I should showcase sweaters and cardigans and light spring outfits.

I do not know if it is necessary for me to add anything to this.

I love A-Line skirts, they are girly, feminine and playful. I am not sure I could pull this off, but I love the pastel soft tones, paired off with a sweater like that and you are ready for anything, even a wedding, the good thing about cardigans is they will not ruin your hair when it gets a little hotter and you need to take them off.

The sweater and cardigan goes so well with sheaths and pencil skirts. The thin belt is a great bonus, but you can still go ahead and use a bigger one like the First lady of first ladies.

Usually Victoria Beckham's look is what I would go for, Victoria does not need colour she is cool perfections that freezes everything about her as she glides along.
I love the dash of color the other ladies have added to their outfits. And as you can see lace is still very much in. Look and learn. 
For some very strange reason, I do not own a single cardigan. I have sweaters and sweaters and sweaters. Its not that I looove them that much but they are everywhere in Gikosh. I have a grey cashmere Massimo Dutti that I got for a staggering 50bob! I really do love that market.

This is for the bold and beautiful. If you are going to make a statement, you do it in red and animal print. It is understated boldness. Completely sexy but still showing shades of conservative. Particularly good to wear to that Sunday lunch with your overbearing bitchy mother-in-law.

If your mother in law is nice, the nice that is only nice to her son and neighbours but not you, go full throttle Chanel. If she is just a nice nice person, wear the first outfit I chose up there. 

And yes truly you can find this outfits at Gikomba and Toi Market. Just take a day off and go searching, I still feel sick when I remember Liz's YSL pencil skirt, and I saw it first!! but it couldn't fit me. Liz is a size 00.

So now you have the ideas. I will go in search of the sweater paired of with pants and jeans. That should be the ultimate spring weekend look.

I have been meaning to put something up on our First Lady, but I just cant seem to get good pictures. By our First lady I mean Margaret Kenyatta. She has it together. The other day she was in the papers giving the polio vaccines and there was this mama behind her with terrifying eyebrows and am there thinking, we finally have a first lady you can learn from and you show up like this?!!!

Anyway I will feature her here very soon, don't you worry about that too.

The lady in Red and animal print, I am digging her style kabisa, she had this little black number on her blog that swept me off my feet.

Good things must be shared even if it is not part of the main story. Simple but screams class.
She is blogging over at Curves and Confidence, her name speaks for her, the confidence she has is well, we can all see it.


I was going through the DIY HOME page and I found this
This is an old door that has been turned into a table. Now do you know how much Dining tables cost; Imagine that, and you have old doors just lying around left and right in your shags. If I had a big big house this would be my next project. I wish they made more open plan kitchens in this country; Most of the houses we live in; The kitchen which should be the airiest, and most delightful place in the whole house is a small depressing room with tiny windows and washing sinks sunk into concrete. Sijui us we get ideas from where.

That aside, I strongly oppose curtains in the kitchen. But the way some of these flats are built even if you are on the 7th floor, the other apartment is so close someone can actually stretch their hands and take soap from your sink. First floor is worse, if you take into consideration that flats are coming up faster than weeds in places like Langata. There are neighbours who just want to peep into your house. Sometimes curtains in the kitchen is inevitable, I will accept that.

I love loooove fresh herbs. But the only fresh herbs easy to come by in this town are: Dhania, dhania dhania, dhania and Rosemary. And it is easier to get that Rosemary at kangemi market than at Uchumi supermarket. I have once had to go all the way from South B, to galleria to look for peppermint! Aki sometimes this country can be so depressing. I have not seen fresh Thyme, sage or Basil in 3 years! its like I live in a cave, even a caveman would be having these spices. Am sure it is easier to buy weed than fresh parsley!

Anyway this is not about the spices, but the herbs' BOXES; I love it, look at he way the basil is looking so pretty and is waiting for your pasta.

As much as I love this idea, it can only work for those with terraces and a decent back/front yard, meaning you live in a maisonette or bungalow. Now those who live in flats I don't know where else you can put this because at the balcony is also where you hang your clothes. 

If I did not give the tiny balcony people an alternative then I would not be doing my job, and then there are those of us who don't even have the luxury of a balcony. Fresh herbs for everyone!! Now please dont ask me where to get the seeds, somethings you have to find out by yourself yawa!

Have a good one.